Get a refund for Microsoft Band ASAP as support ends on May 31

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Microsoft Fitness Band

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Microsoft finally revealed its plans to kill Microsoft Band and offer a nice refund to users. This time Microsoft has decided to officially put up the shutters and retire the Band on May 31. The company also announced that it would not release any fitness trackers again.

The news will not be shocking for most of you as the fitness wearable device was discontinued by the tech giant more than 2 years ago.

We can’t even expect someone today to wear the band. Don’t worry, if you are one of those few loyal users who are still wearing it, here is a piece of good news for you.

Microsoft announced it would offer a refund to the users who are under limited warranty and those who are currently considered as its active users. 

How to get a refund for your Microsoft Band

Notably, Microsoft is willing to pay the Band 1 owners an amount of $79.99, while the Band 2 owners will get a handsome amount of $175. The offer is valid for those who will meet the deadline to the claim the refund. 

Furthermore, you must have synced your Health Dashboard between the period of 1 December 2018 and 1 March 2019 to avail the offer. 

Can you use Microsoft Band after 30 August 2019?

You might be wondering what if you are not interested in the offer and still want to use the device? The answer is “Yes, you can still use it”, but you might see a significant difference in its functionality that is expected to decrease the performance of the Microsoft Band.

This is due to the fact that all cloud-based services no longer work beyond 31 May. 

The device can be used just like before for tracking and recording your sleep, workouts and daily health information. Also, it can also be used as an alarm clock.

But keep in mind before making a decision that the setup process needs cloud services so you will never be able to reset the device.

Microsoft has also planned to remove all the companion apps for Microsoft Band from Apple App Store, Play Store, and Microsoft Store along with the Microsoft Health Dashboard website. 

To be precise, Microsoft is offering $79.99 for Band 1 owners and $175 for Band 2 owners who have synced with their Health Dashboard between 1 December 2018 and 1 March 2019, as long as they apply by 30 August 2019.

Microsoft Band’s release in 2014 came to be a debut of Microsoft in the health device market. The wearable device came with 10 sensors and 1.4-inch colour display.

For those who don’t know the sensors included gyrometer, heart rate, ambient light and GPS and others.

Later on, Microsoft also released a second version of the device that was discontinued in 2016. 

If you are concerned about your data, Microsoft has released a complete guide that can help you to export all your health data. 



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