Cache is Microsoft’s new copy/paste tool, is OneClip still possible?

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A development team from Microsoft Garage  recently introduced its new project: Cache. This service helps you bookmark content from one device and access it on another, a feature similar to Microsoft Garage’s previous, now defunct project, OneClip.

For now, Cache only works on Windows 10 and iOS. This means you can copy  a link, a piece of text, an image, a webpage, or something else on your Windows 10 PC, and it will automatically become available on your iPhone, and vice versa. Users will also have the ability to organize content into groups by project, idea, people, or task in order to have all related bookmarks in one place.

Unfortunately, Cache is only available on these two platforms, leaving users of Windows 10 Mobile and Android devices out in the cold for now. Although we still have no official confirmation, Microsoft Garage will probably introduce this app to to other platforms at some point.

Cache is still unavailable for download, but we expect it to appear in the Store soon (as a beta, of course). If you’re interested in using this app, you can sign up for it on Cache’s official website.

Cache or OneClip?

As you probably already know, Microsoft Garage decided to kill OneClip when it leaked online more than a year ago. But recently, evidence about OneClip’s return to Windows 10 has been spotted.

That rumor made sense because OneClip would be a valuable feature for Windows 10. But what about now, when Microsoft is presenting a new app that does the same thing? Why would Microsoft want two almost identical services?

Well, there are a few possible scenarios for OneClip and Cache. When we previously reported that Microsoft might bring OneClip back to Windows 10, we mentioned there would be a chance the feature is re-branded. Now that Microsoft is presenting Cache, it could be exactly that: A re-branded version of OneClip.

Another scenario is that Microsoft won’t bring back OneClip at all. Since the company hasn’t actually confirmed it would integrate OneClip to Windows 10 and presented a new app in the meantime, claims about OneClip’s return may just be rumors.

Of course, these are all just predictions and speculations, as we don’t have the official confirmation about any of these claims. But as soon as Microsoft say something about any of these features, we’ll make sure to get you updated with official information.

Until then,  let us know in the comments: Which app would you prefer to see in the future? OneClip or Cache?



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