Microsoft cannot upgrade the Surface Laptop 3’s SSD

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Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop 3 at its annual hardware event in October 2019. When the big M announced the Surface Laptop 3, it was also confirmed that the SL 3 would have replaceable storage. Some assumed that meant the SL 3’s storage would be upgradeable. However, PC World has revealed that Microsoft Stores cannot, or at least will not, upgrade SSD storage for users at the moment.

PC World called three Microsoft Stores to query them about the process for upgrading Surface Laptop 3’s SSD storage. In all calls, the Microsoft Stores told PC World that they could not upgrade the SSD storage to something bigger. While the SSD storage is still replaceable, MS Stores will only swap it for identical storage.

Thus, replaceable SSD storage does not mean upgradable SSD for the Surface Laptop 3. However, an email from Microsoft representatives to PC World said that they could not do an upgrade at this time. That suggests Microsoft Stores might be able to upgrade Surface Laptop 3 SSD storage in the future.

One thing to note is that the Surface Laptop 3 has a modular design. That modular design makes it more straightforward for users to open the SL 3 and try replacing its SSD storage. Microsoft chief Mr. Panay even demonstrated the accessibility of the SL 3 at its launch event by removing the top from it. However, Mr. Panay also warned users not to do that by adding, Don’t send me the tweet that says I tried to rip the top off and now it’s broken, and it’s your fault.

Microsoft Release the Surface Laptop 3

So, users should carefully consider if they need higher storage Surface Laptop 3s when purchasing them. Microsoft has just released the Surface Laptop 3, which is now available with 13.5 and 15-inch models retailing from $999-$1,199. If in doubt, get the higher storage SL 3s that pack in 512 GB and 1 TB SSD storage.

Aside from the storage specs, the 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 models boast AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 processors. The Surface Laptop 3 includes a maximum 16 GB RAM. The display resolution on all SL 3 models amounts to 2,496 x 1,664. It also comes with a decent battery than can last up to about 11.5 hours without recharge.

So, the Surface Laptop 3 is out now. However, do not expect Microsoft to upgrade SSD storage for the SL 3 at the moment at least. Check out the Surface Laptop 3 page on Microsoft’s website for further details.


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