Microsoft is Working on a ‘Clip’ Ear Wear Device Powered by Cortana

by Radu Tyrsina
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There was a lot of talk, hearsay and rumor prior to the release of the Microsoft Band, as many were expecting it to be a full-fledged smartwatch. Even if the device is more of a fitness tracker with some smart features, this might change in the next-generation.

Recent rumors are now suggesting that Microsoft is actually working on a Cortana wearable. And no, Redmond isn’t working on yet another new smartwatch, but instead on something that would compete with products like the Moto Hint, pictured above. As you probably know, Cortana can already be used on Microsoft’s new Band 2 for workout reminders and guided training.

The device is allegedly called “Clip” and is designed for ear wear. Here are some more details from Wareable:

Microsoft is looking to get into the hearables space with a dedicated Cortana device, currently known as Clip. A person close to the project told Wareable that the Moto Hint rival will be aimed primarily at busy women and is in the early stages of development.

Chances are we won’t see the Cortana wearable until at least 2016, though prototypes will be ready by the end of 2015. Microsoft is doing research into how people would use this type of a device to hear messages and interact with a virtual assistant via voice. For instance, one use case that Microsoft is looking into is letting parents quickly set and receive reminders about their kids.

It’s interesting that the publication believes the device will be aimed at women, which means it could be promoted as a fashion item, as well. Furthermore, Microsoft wants this to be more than just some wireless earbuds, as it wants the device to have virtual assistant abilities.

Also, at the moment, we don’t know whether the Microsoft wearable will sit in the ear as an earbud or it will take the form of clip-on smart earrings or jewelry. What’s curious is that the device could even work with Siri and Google Voice, so it won’t be limited to Windows Phone devices.

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