Microsoft Brings All Internet Enabled Devices Together With Companion WEB

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There’s a staggering amount of Internet enabled devices that are keeping virtually everyone in the world informed and connected to everyone else. Each day, more and more of these devices make their way into user’s hands, further adding to this growing network.

Microsoft wants to make use of this untapped potential and connect all of the different gadgets that exist and create an entirely new experience: The Companion Web Experience. This will allow users to seamlessly migrate from a device to another, from a screen to another and get the best experience of the Internet.

What is the Companion Web?


Microsoft just published a detailed explanation on what is their aim and what they hope to achieve with the Companion Web. Also, they teamed up with Polar to develop the first Companion Web platform, where users can interact with content on multiple devices at once.

The concept is somewhat similar to today’s multiple screen arrays, however, rather than controlling each screen from the same point, you will have the possibility to access information from all the connected devices at the same time and any action you make on one device will be automatically registered on every other one that you are connected to.

If you are a user of Xbox SmartGlass, then the concept isn’t that strange to you, as you are used to interacting with multiple screens at the same time. However, the Companion Web aims to take it one step forward and make this experience available every single gadget, TV and computer.

What’s unique about how Polar used the Companion Web is that it allows their site to complement what you’re watching on the big screen


That doesn’t make too much sense, right? Lets take this example: you’re home, watching a show on your smart TV, and you want to search the web for something that you saw just now. You take out your tablet or smartphone, fire up an app and start searching. But what if your smartphone would already know what you were watching, and it could help you get the relevant information you want easily? That is what the Companion Web is.

For consumers, Companion Web means you’ll seamlessly move from one device to the next, interacting with your photos, videos, music, movies, television shows, files, and more.

Furthermore, the Companion Web will be able to bridge the gap between all Internet connected devices, as it will work on all platforms, regardless of manufacturer or platform. For now, those that want to experience the new Internet will be able to try it out on the Polar reference app that was released recently.



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