Microsoft confirms OneDrive Universal app, coming soon to Windows 10

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Microsoft just confirmed that OneDrive UWP app will arrive soon in the Windows Store. There was a word around the internet that Microsoft was preparing the UWP version of its cloud service, rumors the company finally put to rest today.

Microsoft announced the new UWP app at the SharePoint event the company is hosting in San Francisco right now. Redmond promised that the OneDrive UWP would be available to Windows 10 users before the end of this quarter (June), so we won’t wait too long for the company to release it.

We still don’t have an exact list of OneDrive UWP features, but we expect most options that are currently available in the Desktop and web versions to be included in the UWP version, as well. However, users would love to see some refreshing features, like placeholders, currently available in rival cloud service apps like Dropbox.

Microsoft converting its services to UWP

In order to popularize the Windows Store and the UWP platform, Microsoft decided to introduce some radical changes to the app development world. The highlight of these changes is definitely Project Centennial, which allows programmers to easily transform their existing Win32 programs to UWP apps.

It seems that Microsoft decided to demonstrate how apps made with Project Centennial would work by bringing its own services to the UWP platform. Microsoft has already transformed Skype and some more Windows traditional features, like Word Pad and XPS Viewer, to the UWP. Now it’s OneDrive’s turn.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that it used Project Centennial to convert all these apps to UWP nor has it confirmed that other services will also be converted. But we assume that after presenting Project Centennial, converting their in-house programs and services is a logical way to go.

The OneDrive UWP app is still missing the Store unlike some other converted apps that were listed but unavailable for download. As soon as Microsoft lists the UWP version of OneDrive, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.



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