Microsoft Continuum Docks to Feature 3x USB, HDMI and DisplayPort

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Microsoft has said that Windows 10 will be a single operating system for all of your devices, and speaking of which, Microsoft is working hard on Continuum, a unique device that will allow you to use your Windows 10 phone as a desktop PC.
microsoft continuum
Continuum is external dock that allows you to connect your Windows 10 phone to it and use it on a large display. This means that you can work on a presentation for example, transfer it to your phone and show it to your client, or edit it on a large display.

As far as we know Continuum will have 3 USB ports, one HDMI and DisplayPort. This means that you can easily connect your mouse and keyboard to it, or you can use Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, external hard drive, or your camera to transfer photos.

You will be able to easily connect your mouse and keyboard to Microsoft Continuum dock

With HDMI and DisplayPort you can easily connect it to any modern display and use Universal apps on it. If you don’t want to use any wires, there’s also a support for Miracast, so you can quickly and easily connect your Windows 10 phone to your display. Continuum also comes with its own power supply so it will charge your phone while it’s docked.

Continuum sounds impressive, and although it won’t be able to fully replace your computer, it will allow you to enjoy in Universal apps completely. If you’re using Universal apps on daily basis, for work for example, Continuum might be prefect in such cases.

In addition, if you’re a heavy Universal app user, you’ll increase your productivity with since you can enjoy in apps on full screen with full mouse and keyboard support.

Continuum isn’t desktop replacement, since you won’t be able to run your desktop apps on it, but if you’re heavy Universal apps user, then it will be perfect for you. Regarding the release date, we expect Continuum to launch this October.

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