Microsoft Cortana supports hands-free email browsing

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • The Windows 10 May Update includes an improved Microsoft Cortana with smart features like Play My Emails.
  • Cortana integrates with Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook and Teams.
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Microsoft 365 Cortana

Is Microsoft Cortana a sleeping giant that is about to wake up after its rejuvenated comeback with the Windows 10 May Update? It appears so, thanks to the incredible productivity features it offers, including the Play My Emails option.

The digital assistant has come a long way, from its days on Windows Phone when it looked like a potential match for Alexa. It never made it that far, though. Even after Cortana came to Windows 10 PCs, very people have been using it.

That is about to change if it proves to be as good as advertised.

The Microsoft Cortana Play My Emails feature

Cortana’s incorporation into Microsoft 365 adds more AI capabilities to the cloud-based platform. This integration means that you can use the digital assistant with Microsoft 365 applications, including Teams and Outlook.

Play My Emails is one of the key features that Cortana is bringing to Microsoft 365 users.

It enables you to catch up on the latest emails in your Outlook Focused inbox by listening rather than reading. To use the voice-driven smart service, you have to install the mobile Outlook app first.

 Play My Emails (as connected to through Outlook mobile) is a voice-driven, hands-free experience for users to listen to new messages in their Focused Inbox and changes to their day via the speakers on their phone, headphones, or connected audio device. Users can ask Cortana to read their recent emails aloud, and ask Cortana to take actions such as flag, archive, delete, and skip message.

Play My Emails comes in handy in many scenarios, such as when you need the consistency of checking new email messages everyday first thing in the morning.

Plus, it’s hands-free, which means you can have the solution read your emails aloud as you drive to work.

Are you happy with the new enterprise-focused Microsoft Cortana features? Let us know what you think by writing us a message in the comments section below.

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