Microsoft defeated: Mozilla bypasses security in Windows 10

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Firefox has reverse-engineered the one-click process to set a default browser.
  • The new settings hijack Microsoft’s protections.
  • Other browsers may soon follow suit.
Mozila vs Microsoft browser battle

Mozilla has taken a bold step and hijacked Microsoft’s protection features by allowing users to make Firefox their default browser.

Microsoft has been urging users to make Microsoft Edge their default browsers through certain tricks but Mozilla has beaten them and included their own tricks.

Earlier on, Microsoft had announced that new improvements in privacy and performance would take place on Microsoft Edge. Last month, it also made headlines that there would be a new set of changes that would make it difficult for users to switch to alternative browsers in Windows 11

Problem Has Been In existence

Although the problem has been rampant in Windows 10, users could make Microsoft Edge the default browser within the browser. Perhaps why browsers found the prompt tiring and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Silent Takeover

Mozilla must have gotten fed up with the situation and decided to attack silently. The company figured out a way for users to switch from Edge and make it the default browser within the browser. These settings are available from version 91 of Firefox. 

When you open Firefox, the prompt will not send you to settings. It is now a one-click affair. This is a very bold move and other browsers upset about the security protections by Microsoft may soon follow suit or are already in the works.

These settings are available for Windows 10 users which could delay the upgrade to Windows 11 with the release just a few days away.

Microsoft has yet to make a statement on this news, so we wait and see. Perhaps the promised features on Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 will be enough for the users to forget about Mozilla.

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