Microsoft Defender ATP can detect if your iPhone is jailbroken

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  • Microsoft releases an update for Microsoft Defender ATP, dedicated to iOS mobile devices.
  • The software will now detect if any jailbroken devices are connected to the specific network.
  • Upon detection, the security team will be immediately alerted by the notifications received.
  • Microsoft recommends this because jailbroken devices do not receive security updates and are not considered safe within a company network.  
Microsoft defender jailbroken ios

Microsoft has just released an update designed for Windows Defender for Endpoint that will immediately notify you if it detects a jailbroken iOS phone on a company network.

This is just one of the new capabilities that the company has prepared for Android, as well as iOS, as explained in the official post.

Jailbreak detection available for iOS 

Microsoft made it clear that jailbroken devices are not constrained by Apple’s iOS protection against malware, thus do not get regular updates, and therefore bring forth additional dangers to corporate data.

As you might already know, Windows Defender for Endpoint is not the same as the one you run on your Windows 10 PC at home.

This version is a more special kind of Windows Defender, designed for businesses, so it calculates every threat on a company-wide level, instead of a personal one.

So, as Microsoft recommends, if you work for a business that uses Windows Defender for Endpoint, you should definitely avoid introducing a jailbroken device on the company network.

Jailbreaking an iOS device elevates root access that is granted to the user of the device. Once this happens, users can easily sideload potentially malicious applications and the iPhone won’t get critical, automatic iOS updates that may fix security vulnerabilities.

So, with this update, Windows Defender will alert the security team if it detects a jailbroken iOS device on the network.

The responsible team can then go ahead and deny any unauthorized devices from actually connecting.

So you might want to think twice before letting some minor day to day actions, that you perform on your jailbroken iOS mobile device, cause any type of prejudice to the company you work for.

What is your opinion on this new update from Microsoft. Let us know in the comments section below.

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