Microsoft closes all inactive accounts starting August 30

by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft started notifying its users via emails about the expected changes in its service agreements. Published on July 1st in its help section, the company states that it may close some accounts if not signed in for two years.

Based on the MSA, users must sign in regularly to their Microsoft accounts to keep it active. Failing to keep it active gives Microsoft the right to terminate the account as per the MSA (Microsoft Agreement Act).

The service agreement is available on the help section of the Microsoft website and will be effective from August 30. Users also have the option to read the entire service agreement.

Microsoft account activity policy for inactive accounts

What are the exceptions to the rule?

In certain circumstances ,the two-year limit and the following account deactivation may be disregarded:

  • Microsoft does not close the account if it’s used to purchase, redeem, or access a Microsoft product or service. Gift cards, subscriptions, or certifications are excluded. The account is not closed if there’s a Microsoft subscription linked to the Microsoft account.
  • The account still remains active if it’s is used to publish apps or games to the Microsoft Store.
  • If the user gets a Microsoft certification using the Microsoft account, the account still remains active
  • As long as there is an account balance (credit or gift card) in the Microsoft account, the account remains active. It will also remain active in case Microsoft owes money to the account holder.
  • The Microsoft account will be active if there’s an associated granted consent for an active Microsoft account of a minor. As long as the minor’s account is deemed inactive and terminated by Microsoft, or closed by you, or converts into a regular Microsoft account when the minor reaches the right age as per the region, the account stays active.
  • Regardless of the above circumstances, Microsoft holds all the rights to not close the inactive account or keep it active based on any related laws or regulations, or as otherwise offered to you by Microsoft.

Microsoft urges the users to check the activity status of their Microsoft account under the Microsoft account management website.

However, you would need to sign in to see the option which will also remove your account from the inactive status and guarantee 2-year extension.


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