Microsoft Drop Surface Pro’s Price by Another $100, Now $200 Cheaper than Original Price

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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surface pro discountYes, this seems familiar – Microsoft discounting the Surface Pro tablet; that’s because it has happened before, back in August Microsoft dropped for the first time the price of the Surface Pro tablet by $100, now it is doing it again. Microsoft is taking another $100 off of its Surface Pro, just a few days after Apple has unveiled the new iPad Air.

But let’s say that this is not the main reason why Redmond is doing this, but the fact the the Surface Pro 2 has been launched. So, here are the new prices for the three versions:

  • Surface Pro 64GB – $699
  • Surface Pro 128GB – $799
  • Surface PRo 256GB – $999

Original Surface Pro is now cheaper by $200

The second price drop applied to the Surface Pro brings its starting price to just $699, which is a healthy $200 discount when compared to the initial $899 pricing, which is also the same price the new Surface Pro 2 model now comes with. The offer applies only to store from the United States and Canada and  expires on December 31st. This means that either Microsoft hopes to deplete the stock of original Surface Pro units by then or that the company wants this to seem like a limited offer. But most likely Microsoft will stop retailing the first version of the Surface Pro from January 1st, 2014.

While the Surface Pro is a relatively young product, being in the market for only nine months old, there are serious drawbacks that might keep consumers away from buying it, despite the healthy discount. Yes, we’re talking about the very poor battery lifespan that has been doubled with the new model.

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