Microsoft Edge will be the world’s first browser to support 3D

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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At today’s Microsoft Event, the company introduced many new features to arrive with the third major update for Windows 10, labeled the Creators Update. One of the main highlights of the update will be enhanced 3D support for Windows 10. Among the other features receiving 3D support is Windows 10’s default browser, Microsoft Edge.

With this update, users will be able to access 3D content from within the browser, something that will certainly add a new dimension to web browsing. This feature will also work flawlessly with 3D content created with other Windows 10’s features, like Paint 3D or PowerPoint.

Each of these 3D-creation apps will have the option to share work with social media and with other users. So, when that type of content is shared and found online, users will be able to interact with these creations in a 3D environment. Utimately, all of this will make Microsoft Edge the world’s first browser to support 3D.

It is perfectly reasonable for Microsoft to introduce 3D support to Microsoft Edge. Windows 10’s browser is not among the most popular browsers on the market, so Microsoft is constantly making the effort to improve it and offer something unique to users. And there’s no better opportunity to introduce innovations to Microsoft Edge than with Windows 10’s upcoming 3D support.

The Creators Update is scheduled to arrive in April 2017. That’s when we’ll finally see 3D support and the other announced features in action. Until then, we expect Microsoft to gradually release new features to Windows Insiders, so we expect an interesting period ahead for Windows 10 Preview.

What do you think about 3D support for Microsoft Edge? Will it encourage you to use Microsoft’s browser more? Tell us in the comments below.