Edge might get new audio processing to limit battery drain

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edge new features to limit battery drain

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Microsoft is continuing the work on their Chromium-based browser and now is focusing again on battery optimizations.

Microsoft keeps its promise to limit battery drain in Edge

After already coming up with some solutions to fix the battery drain on Edge, the tech giant now implemented them in the Canary Edge.

More specifically, if you have Canary Edge v78.0.256.0 or later, you can enable the Turn off caching of streaming media to disk flag by going to edge://flags.

With the caching of media turned off, the battery of your Windows 10 device should improve. Keep in mind that this could slightly affect you if you’re on a slow internet connection.

Want to improve your PC’s battery life on Windows 10? Check out this guide that will help you do it with ease.

Furthermore, another feature that will allow Edge to write cache on RAM instead of HDD/SSD is in the works. This will once again reduce the disk usage, improving the battery life.

Edge to get new implementations for improved battery life

The last of Microsoft attempts at reducing battery drain on Edge involves audio streaming. The company wants to enable hardware-offloaded audio processing for audio content on Windows:

Hardware Accelerated Audio Processing allows audio processing to be performed on dedicated audio processors. This process is commonly referred to as audio offload (the processing is offloaded from the computer’s main CPU to the dedicated audio processor(s)). Because audio processing is a computationally expensive process, the use of specialized hardware can improve power efficiency, resulting in longer battery life.

This new change may save up to 150mW, based on initial testing.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if or when the Redmond giant will implement the new battery saving features on all Edge channels.

So keep an eye on the next Canary Edge build, as you may see some significant improvements.



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