Users continue to leave the Edge boat in favor of Chrome

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edge browser market share statistics

NetmarketShare issued new statistics for the month of May. In the latest report, Google Chrome enjoys the top position among other browsers.

We will share all the details of the report below. Before that, for those who don’t know what NetMarketShare is, this is a service that periodically issues statistics on the usage share of web technologies.

Chrome ranks top on the list

If we compare the data by the same source for the last two months, we will see that the market share value for Google Chrome stood highest in April with a 65.64% market share.

Through the month of May, the stats show the positive fluctuations and again Chrome bagged the top position with 67.90 %.

This is the highest rating achieved by Chrome this year. As one’s loss mean other’s gain that is what happened to all the other browsers and all other browsers faced significant downfall in May.

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Microsoft Edge didn’t stop Chrome from gaining more users

The stable version of Microsoft Edge also faced a sharp downfall. Its market share came down to 5.36% in May.

Microsoft is currently working on developing its Chromium-based Edge so as to turn it into a strong opponent against Chrome.

New features are regularly being introduced and the browser will soon be available on Windows 10 and macOS.

Mozilla Firefox also suffered the same fate. Firefox is considered a strong competitor of Chrome because it uses less RAM compared to Google’s browser.

But Firefox also experienced a decline from 10.23% to 9.46%. Moreover, Internet Explorer fell to 6.71% in May. Previously, its market share was recorded at 7.49%

We all know that market share is never constant and it fluctuates with each passing day. Let’s see if Edge manages to steal from market share percentages from Chrome in the coming months.

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