Microsoft Edge introduces ClearType for better text visibility

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  • Plenty of new features have been tested and implemented lately making Microsoft Edge sit next to other top browsers.
  • Microsoft Edge is currently testing the Clear Type feature that will make the webpage text easier to read. 
  • The new Tab actions switch will allow you to manage the vertical tabs and collections. 
  • As of right now, the features are not available for everyone and there is no clear date for when they will be.
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Another great feature has been added to Microsoft Edge and we could not be happier about it, since it adds a nice improvement.

The Clear Type feature is a Windows-only technology and the aim is to improve the readability of texts, especially on the LCD monitors.

Considering how many hours most people are spending in front of a monitor, working to make things easier in this matter could not be more welcomed.

Clear type feature

The Clear type flag could be seen in the Microsoft Edge with Canary build 91.0.862.0 although shortly after we would see it removed, alongside the 91.0.863.0 update.

Microsoft noted in the flag description that this is an exclusive Windows 10 feature:

Renders text using the same contrast and gamma settings that are used elsewhere in Windows. Run the ClearType Text Tuner to adjust the contrast and gamma settings for the monitor.

Enabling this feature makes the text easier to read, clearer, and sharper. Since not all websites have readable and smoother texts, this is definitely a great addition.

Tab action feature

Another notable and useful feature that Microsoft Edge is testing is a new Tab actions menu that is connected to the workspace and collections features.

The new vertical tab action menu will let you manage the vertical tabs and collections in a more productive manner.

By clicking on the Tab action button you will open a new action menu that will help you access the vertical tabs, future workspaces you create, and collections.

As mentioned, these features are still being tested in the Canary builds and we don’t know at this point when they will be available for everyone.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the features presented here so don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comments section below.

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