Microsoft’s Collections is a new way to stay organized in Edge

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Microsoft's Collections is a new way to stay organized in Edge

Microsoft‘s Collections feature was initially announced at Build 2019. Now, the tech giant brings the feature to Edge Canary to be tested by Insiders.

It’s worth noting that the current version of the tool is in early stages and may change over time, based on user feedback.

Collections can help you organize your web items

microsoft collections released to edge canary
As the name implies, Collections allows you to group web items based on the way you use them.  Here’s how Microsoft describes it on their blog:

We designed Collections based on what you do on the web. It’s a general-purpose tool that adapts to the many roles that you all fill. If you’re a shopper, it will help you collect and compare items. If you’re an event or trip organizer, Collections will help pull together all your trip or event information as well as ideas to make your event or trip a success. If you’re a teacher or student, it will help you organize your web research and create your lesson plans or reports. Whatever your role, Collections can help.

How can I enable Collections in my Edge Canary?

Collections was added to Canary Build, but it’s disabled by default. To enable it, you’ll have to go to Edge://flags, search for Collections, and enable it.

After that, you’ll see a new icon next to the URL bar. Clicking on it will bring a series of options like adding the current page, adding other links, text, or even images.

Also, you can edit your collections, remove items, add notes to current items, or export them to Excel.

Now back to you: What’s your take on Edge’s new Collections feature?

Leave your answer in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to continue the talk.