Edge will keep specific cookies when clearing browsing cache

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The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has already been released for a month, but development for it is still going strong, as they are making it better and faster.

This was shown in a roadmap that Microsoft published, and it contains the features that Edge Insiders have been asking for the most.

You can now choose what cookies to keep when clearing them

One example of a very coveted new feature is the ability to keep specific cookies when choosing to clear browsing data on close.

As you may know, all browsers have some form of history clearing feature that also allows you to delete cached data and cookies. The only problem with this feature is that all of them are very absolutist in nature, meaning you either delete everything or none at all.

This might soon change, since according to the roadmap, this particular feature is marked as Planned, and it has also been in discussions for 13 weeks already.

Why it’s good that you can keep certain cookies

Whenever you delete your browser cookies, the first thing you need to go through again is manually logging into your accounts. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if you use the password-saving feature of the browser.

However, some websites, such as Facebook or Steam, have two-step authentification.

These do improve security, but they are also a headache for some. With the new preferential cookie clearing feature, you can now choose certain websites as exceptions, so you can clear everything else except them.

This is indeed a quality of life change and will indeed provide a boost to Microsoft Edge’s popularity in the browser market.

Unfortunately, no official statement with regards to when this new feature will become available has been released. However, given how it is placed so close on the roadmap to the summer releases, you may have to wait for a little while longer.

What do you think about this exciting new feature that’s coming to Microsoft Edge? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk.


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