These are the top features in Microsoft Edge’s latest build

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • Whether or not a browser is built to make our lives easier when it comes to browsing is a strong argument for why we choose it.
  • Every development and update is surely trying to solve existing issues and bring improvements or even new adapted features.
  • The latest Microsoft Edge update has put this browser on the map alongside its competitors' thanks to its enhanced features.
  • Most of the newly added features will increase your productivity, make it easier to browse and manage all opened tabs.
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The latest update that brought to its customers a new Edge version has definitely put this Chromium-based browser on the top of the list in comparison with others alike.

To benefit from the latest Edge update that will enrich how you browse and manage your tabs, you need to install the newest update on your device.

Microsoft Edge features

Since Safari’s Search with Google option is loved by so many Mac users, Edge has now an option incorporated that is even more amazing.

Let’s have a look at the available features

  1. Sidebar Search
    • Allows you to simply perform a search without having to open a new tab, which will definitely improve your productivity in the long run.
  2. Install Websites as Apps
    • Allows you to manage the most frequently visited websites as apps, in the sense of pinning them on your Start Menu or desktop. This will allow for quick and easy access to those preferred pages without having to necessarily open the browser before.
  3. Built-In Coupon and Promo Code
    • Will alert you if that site that you are visiting is offering a coupon by using the message This site has coupons!.
  4. Web capture
    • Replaces the Web Notes tool and lets you capture the desired portion from a website and also other relevant content you may want to include.
  5. Pin Tabs to Edge and Pin Websites to Taskbar
    • Lets you pin a tab that will afterward appear at the left of the other opened tabs.
  6. Put Tabs to Sleep
  7. Choose a Non-ISP DNS Provider
    • Improves privacy and security by allowing you to choose a different DNS if needed.

Well, one thing is for sure and that is that the new features of Edge is putting the browser right next to Chrome and Firefox when it comes to browsing management and improved productivity.

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