Enable full screen on Microsoft Edge with this simple command

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft added a fullscreen mode to Edge in Windows 10, but it hasn’t added the option to the program or even told anyone about it. This is weird considering since the switch from Windows 8 to Windows 10, users have complained about the lack of a fullscreen mode for Microsoft’s Edge browser that would be able to work in a similar way to Internet Explorer’s fullscreen mode from the previous OS.

The fullscreen mode featured in Windows 8’s Internet Explorer removed all program icons and allowed a clear and clean browsing experience. This used to be very effective, especially when users switched to Tablet Mode on a touch device like Surface Pro.

This specific feature is now missing from Windows 10 and is one of users’ most frequent requests. The Windows 10 Feedback Hub is flooded with this topic, and around 4900 users are currently commenting the idea.

First mentioned

The hidden feature was mentioned in a post on Reddit by a user named Phantasm1337 after he had been using the fullscreen mode for a while and realized no one else seemed to know about it.

Resubmitting since my last post got removed by the bot. It’s as simple as pressing shift+windows+enter. It immediately fullscreen any application, including Microsoft Edge. I didn’t think that it was unknown to most but I realized that it was after reading complaints about it.

It turns out that all you have to do is hit the Shift, Windows and Enter keys all at once on the keyboard for a proper fullscreen mode on. The same shortcut seems to work for more Windows 10 apps made in the UWP app format.

Most users are already aware of Microsoft’s incapacity to properly communicate features and functionality, but keeping this specific functionality hidden is quite confounding considering its popularity.