Microsoft Edge has helped online shoppers save over $800 million

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Edge has saved people more than $800 million since it launched with coupon and price comparison services.
  • Microsoft announced that its revenue from advertising products such as LinkedIn had surpassed $10 billion in a given year, after taxes.
  • Microsoft's Edge browser can automatically apply coupons when online shoppers are visiting a retailer's site.
  • Microsoft's announcement that it would be adding buy-now, pay-later capabilities to its Edge browser generated discussion online about what kinds of technologies browsers should have.
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The Microsoft Edge browser features a variety of tools and extensions that help you save money while shopping online and simplify the process by comparing prices across multiple sites.

In Microsoft’s web browser, customers can see product ratings and apply coupons without having to type out every detail of their purchase.

$800 million saved

Microsoft announced its Edge browser has reached 1 billion monthly users. The company also revealed that users have saved over $800 million in shopping by using the browser.

The figure was actually derived from the company’s earnings call with the aim of discussing FY22 Q2.

Price comparison and coupon features

Last year, Microsoft launched price comparison and coupon features in its Edge web browser. Those tools have saved more than $800 million for people using Edge.

Microsoft reported that its total advertising revenue, which includes traffic to services such as LinkedIn, had surpassed $10 billion over the last 12 months after taxes.

Although Microsoft Edge’s shopping features have saved users money, its promotions have also drawn concerns from industry experts.

Last year, Microsoft’s announcement that they would be adding buy-now, pay-later capabilities to their Edge browser generated some discussion on the Internet about what kinds of technologies ought to be built into browsers.

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