Microsoft Edge gets major improvements in Windows 10

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When Microsoft introduced the first Redstone build for Windows 10 Preview, it came without any new features, leaving us wondering when they would arrive. Although we don’t know much about possible features Microsoft is preparing for the Redstone update, rumors about Microsoft Edge extensions have been floating around quite some time now.

Extensions support for Microsoft Edge automatically became the most anticipated feature of the Redstone update, with users having expected it to arrive with every new Windows 10 Preview Redstone build. And finally, with the latest Windows 10 Preview build 14291, Microsoft Edge extensions have finally made their way to Insiders.

Extensions are in their own Preview phase, with only three available to install, mostly developed by Microsoft. Edge Extensions now available to download include the popular Reddit Enhancement Suite. Microsoft hasn’t say anything about when third-party extensions will be available, but considering the Reddit Enhancement Suite isn’t developed by Microsoft, we assume that we’ll see more extensions very soon.

To install an extension on Microsoft Edge, do the following:

  1. Download an extension.
  2. Select Run from the download notification.
  3. Select More (…) and then Extensions.
  4. Select Load extension, choose the extension folder, then select Select folder.

More extensions are definitely needed as many users don’t probably find the current selection useful. The most important thing, though, is that extensions are finally here, so it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see more of them. For example, we already know that AdBlock is preparing its extension for Edge to the chagrin of the online publishing community everywhere.

Microsoft Edge received more improvements

While extension support is definitely the headlining this update, Microsoft has also released some improvements for Edge as well.

Starting from Windows 10 Preview build 14291, users are now able to pin a webpage to the Microsoft Edge title bar for quicker access. This feature is, as you probably have already noticed, very similar to standard bookmarks. The only difference is that when you open a pinned page, it automatically continues where you left off, unlike a bookmark which loads the entire page again. Another improvement is the ability to copy a link from Microsoft Edge and run it in the next tab by using the “Paste and go” command. All rival browsers already have this feature, so it was about time that Microsoft delivered it to Microsoft Edge, as well.

For now, those are all the latest updates for Microsoft’s Edge browser. With Microsoft constantly working on improving the browser experience, we should expect even more features to come with future Windows 10 Preview builds.

Until then, let us know in the comment section below which Microsoft Edge extension you’re looking forward to!


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