Microsoft Edge now has easy to see InPrivate Mode tabs

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Microsoft’s browsers have changed a lot over the time. From the clunky UI and useless features a few years ago, to a minimalist design and a user-focused interface now, the improvements are obvious.

The trend continues in the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary, as the new build ads a surprisingly useful feature.

What’s this new feature in the latest version on Microsoft Edge?

More specifically, the InPrivate Mode inside the browser gets a new indicator in the toolbar and also text, to better differentiate it from the normal Edge tabs.

Here’s what some Edge users think about the change:

The dark theme of the new Edge uses the same color used in the InPrivate windows, so some users find it a bit difficult to differentiate these windows from normal windows, that’s why Microsoft has added this text in the toolbar
I think it should be the accent color or blue
I agree. Make it blue like classic edge and edge mobile

And here’s the OPs screenshot: microsoft edge canary new inprivate mode

The change is more noticeable in the dark theme of the browser, where in the past there were problems.

Many Windows 10 users complained about the fact that they couldn’t tell the difference between the InPrivate Mode tabs and normal tabs when the dark theme was on.

Microsoft listened for once and made the necessary changes. If you want to take advantage of this new feature, you’ll have to be on Microsoft Edge Canary version or newer.

Also, the change will probably come to the Dev build of Edge in the next couple of updates.

As a reminder, the InPrivate Mode allows you keep your personal data safe. When you close a InPrivate tab, all the browsing history, passwords, cookies, and other private info will not be kept.

Do you think that Microsoft’s efforts to improve Edge will make it more popular? Let’s talk about this more in the comments section below.

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