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by Ivan Jenic
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At this week’s Edge Web Summit, Microsoft presented the Microsoft Edge Platform Issue Tracker, a tool for collecting issue reports and feedback about Windows 10’s browser. Users were already able to submit their feedback about Microsoft Edge through the Insider Hub, but the Edge Platform Issue Tracker is focused on the browser only, making it easier for users to find certain topics of interest.

The previous method of providing feedback through the Insider Hub is still available in Microsoft Edge, as well. If you want to report a problem through this feature, open Microsoft Edge, click on the three dotted menu, and choose Send Feedback.

Microsoft presented Edge Platform Issue Tracker as a more effective way for users and developers to communicate with the company about possible issues and suggestions.

“We built Platform Issues to address feedback that it was difficult to report issues to our team. We’re also taking steps to increase the level of communication you receive from our engineering team when reporting issues and we’ll be watching for your feedback on the new site itself. We look forward to hearing your feedback and, most of all, fixing bugs to make the web work great for you and your customers!”

The Edge Platform Issue Tracker has already debuted on the web platform and now serves as a sort of customized Microsoft Answers forum focused specifically on problems related to the browser. Microsoft also said that it will bring even more features to the Issue Tracker in order to make it easier for users to submit their feedback.

Microsoft’s Edge browser is still relatively new, and the company is constantly working on the new features and improvements to tackle all the various bugs and issues that are possible with such a new release, especially in Windows 10 Preview. It looks like the company thinks the best way to test the reliability of its browser is to dedicate a special page just for the Edge-related feedback.

Microsoft introduced a few new features and two new extensions to Edge with the latest Windows 10 Preview release, so if you’ve encountered any problems while trying out some of these additions, you can submit your complaints and feedback on the Issue Tracker web page. Of course, even users outside the Insider program are free to give their contribution to the development of Microsoft Edge any time.

If you have feedback to submit, you can do so on the Microsoft Edge Platform Issue Tracker web page.

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