Less than 1 in 6 Windows 10 users are using Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge was launched more than two years ago, and unfortunately, the browser was not able to get a significant share on Windows 10 PCs. This is what Net Applications reports show. If you didn’t know, Net Applications is a company that provides detailed web usage share statistics.

The company recently changed the methodology that it uses in order to exclude bots from its statistics.

The importance of eliminating bot traffic

Net Applications explained that bot traffic across the Internet had risen considerably in the past years and it was quite a challenge to detect and remove this from the company’s dataset. The issue is a critical one because it can result in severe skewing of data. The company also said that there are some countries where the situations are almost completely made of bot traffic.

The fact that Net Applications changed the methodology to eliminate bot traffic is crucial for seeing Edge’s real use throughout the world.

Browser share

Edge’s browser share went from 14.8% in May 2016 to 13.2% in November 2017. It managed to top its share in April with 15.6%. It’s also important to note that before the company changed its methodology, the results were not the same. They showed that Edge was the choice of between 28.5% in May 2016 and 15.7% in October 2017.

OS share of Windows 10

According to Net Applications, the OS shared of Windows 10 went from 23.06% to 31.95% during the same time frame, and it’s pretty obvious that this did not help at all Microsoft Edge to gain more Windows 10 users. Windows 7 has a share of 45.43%, Windows XP has a share of 7.99%, and Windows 8.1 has a share of 6.66%.

The final results tell us that even if Microsoft made massive progress with its Edge during the last two years, the web browser is now used by less than 1 in 6 Windows 10 users.


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I really enjoy Edge lately. It’s got all the extensions I use (Ghostery, uBlock Origin, Reddit Enhancement, etc), supports most password managers, and it’s pretty easy to use in general. I also prefer it’s more square look and feel over Chrome’s bubbly tabs (admittedly, Firefox and Vivaldi have a similar look to Edge as well).

With Edge for Android, I’m totally switched, at least for now. I may end up switching back to Firefox if there’s a good enough reason. The only reason I would use Chrome anymore is because that’s the only way for some services to connect to Chromecasts. I’m hoping to find a solution there that would make it so I can cast anything from my Windows 10 PC to my TV, but I also prefer the Google Home and I don’t want to lose its verbal control over the TV… It’s a crappy spot to be in, stuck between multiple ecosystems.