Microsoft made reverse image searching with Bing a lot easier

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • For anyone browsing the Internet, being able to check if an image is real or fake is essential.
  • Microsoft Edge will allow users to reverse search an image with Bing more easily.
  • The feature can be accessed directly by right-clicking on the image and selecting the reverse search option from the displayed list.
  • At the moment a release date is not yet known and only Microsoft Edge Insiders have access to it.

For anyone that uses the web frequently, social media platforms in particular, coming across an image that sparks interest is likely to happen.

Microsoft Edge Insiders have gained access to a new feature, allowing them to perform a reverse image search in their sidebar.

This feature has been spotted by the Reddit user Leopeva64-2 and according to his message, the option is being tested with selected Insiders on the Dev channel.

Microsoft Edge reverse image search

Thanks to this feature, users will be able to run reverse search images more efficiently since they no longer need to leave the current tab in order to do that.

The functionality will be performed with Bing, and at the moment there is no option to change the search engine with a different one.

As mentioned above, the feature is available at the moment only for Insiders, and in order to use it they will have to right-click on an image and select the Search in the sidebar for the image option.

The search results will immediately be shown on the right side of the page, with a list of related content and web results.

The feature supports all common picture formats and it can also extract the text from an image instantly allowing for it to be copied.

As of right now the feature is not available for everyone and it will have to pass different Edge Insider channels before it becomes available for the general users.

Although the browser is still missing important features that Chrome already has, for example, it does seem to catch up on them quickly and we’re eager to see what next will be in store from them.

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