Microsoft Edge supports Windows Defender Guard for better security

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Given the latest cyber attacks that have recently been initiated through the browser, security is something that is starting to worry a lot of businesses using the Edge browser. At Ignite, Microsoft brought up some security enhancements it wants to apply to many of their products, including Edge. The biggest was the addition of the Windows Defender Application Guard for those who use Windows 10 Enterprise starting next year, an addition that will help make Edge a more secure tool for business.

With this mode enabled, the browser will be able to protect enterprises from advanced attacks over the internet in order to infiltrate devices and networks, making the browsing experience becomes safer and easier for the customers. The software is based on virtualization security technology and relies on isolated containers. The latter are built straight into the hardware components in order to prevent any malicious code from migrating from one employee device to another and access the corporate network.

Among other security improvements the company announced, we could also see Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) and Office 365 ATP gain the ability to share information mutually across their services, helping IT professionals investigate problems more quickly and to respond faster to security threats that come through Windows 10 or Office 365.

The Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection tool will be extended to OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Excel, Word and PowerPoint and will see some enhancements: URL detonation, which scans links in real time in order to identity a malicious URL, and dynamic delivery – you receive an email with a replacement attachment while the actual attachment is scanned for malware. It will also alert and inform you of the origin of certain attacks and let you take certain dynamic actions depending on the nature of the threat.


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