Microsoft Edge now supports WOFF 2.0 fonts in Preview builds

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Microsoft just announced that Microsoft Edge will start supporting WOFF 2.0 fonts in the next preview build. Introducing this font format will improve the overall performance of the browser as it should speed up the loading time of web pages.

“Over 60% of web pages use custom fonts, which make up 5.3% of the size of the average web page today. Modern sites are loading ever more data in the form of fonts, as the demand for custom fonts grows, and as site payloads in general trend upwards. Because of this trend, loading font files faster when rendering a page makes a huge difference in perceived performance; WOFF 2 provides a substantial improvement here.”

WOFF 2.0 support is already available to Insiders starting from Windows 10 Preview build 14316 and will be released to the general public with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 this July.

WOFF 2.0 compresses fonts in the browser with Broatil and features a 30% reduction in font file size compared to the previous version, WOFF from 2009. Additionally, WOFF 2.0 also uses font-specific compression based on the MicroType Express format for even better page loading performance.

Most of today’s most popular browsers, like Google Chrome and Firefox, already support WOFF 2.0. As Microsoft wants its browser to stay competitive in the market, additions like this are required. However, it’s just one brick in the wall: Microsoft needs to get more work done and bring more features to Microsoft Edge in order to make it the best option for Windows users.

If you’re a Windows Insider running at least build 14316, let us know in the comments if you noticed any changes in Microsoft Edge’s performance.



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