Microsoft Edge’s built-in video game has a new aesthetic

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft’s Edge built-in surfing video has been updated and has a new look.
  • The new aesthetic is to make the game more enjoyable with the tasks amped up.
  • The Edge browser has been recently updated with new features that support gaming activities.

If you are a fan of the Microsoft Edge built-in surfing video game, you will love the new update. The company has switched from the retro beach setting and opted for a ski slope with a winter aesthetic.

Everything else about the game pretty much remains the same, only that the new aesthetic comes with its own challenges.

Playing through the retro beach setting had a few obstacles, but users will have to ski through trees and buildings with the new aesthetic. It just means the next time you play; you need to be extra cautious and on high alert.

Insiders Channel have it first

The new aesthetic was announced via Twitter on the Microsoft Edge Dev account, which implies that the feature is currently available only for Insiders.

The game was first introduced in 2020, so it hasn’t been there for long. Perhaps Microsoft should have introduced the new aesthetic as a new level of the game instead of changing it altogether.

“Get your winter clothes on and hit the slopes with a limited-time skiing theme for the surf game in Microsoft Edge 96!” a tweet from the official Microsoft Edge Dev Twitter account announced this morning. “Can you avoid the yeti while taking a trip down memory lane?”

If you wish to play the game, launch your Edge browser and type in the address bar; edge://surf/. You can also play the game offline.

Have you played Microsoft Edge’s surfing game? What are your thoughts on the new and old game aesthetic? Let us know in the comment section below.