Microsoft Releases Important ‘Family Safety’ Update for Windows 8.1 Users

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The Family Safety feature in Windows 8 lets parents have more control over the activity of their little one and keeps them safer on the PC. Windows 8.1 brought along some new improvements and now Microsoft has released another important update.
family safety windows 8.1 update
If you are worried about the safety of your kids while they are exposed to the online environment, then you’ll probably be curious to give a try to the Family Safety feature in Windows 8. The kids that you choose to monitor need a child’s or a standard user account and if you are an administrator of your own PC or domain, you can then easily turn Family Safety on. And now, according to Microsoft, this feature has been update with some new options and important improvements.

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Family Safety becomes much more powerful in Windows 8

A Microsoft representative has reached out on the support forums, saying that Family Safety has received some new options and positive changes that were delivered via Windows Update. Here’s what he said:

Microsoft released an update to Microsoft Family Safety on June 10th, 2014 that improves Web Filtering and Activity Reporting. With this update, parents will find they have more flexibility to filter out inappropriate Web content as well as a more complete view of the search terms kids use on search engines.  Family Safety will be updated automatically as part of the regular Windows Update cycle on all PCs and tablets running Windows 8.1. Windows 8 customers can take advantage of the free update to Windows 8.1 available through the Windows Store, after which Family Safety will be updated automatically by Windows Update. To verify that the Windows 8.1 Family Safety update is installed, parents can open Settings, then click on Change PC settings and choose Update and restore. This Family Safety update works with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers. Kids who use Firefox may see browser warnings after the update when they visit search engine sites that require encrypted connections.

So, as we can see, the update which Family Safety received brings improvements to the Web Filtering and Activity Reporting options. Also, it’s now easier for the parents to filter out inappropriate Web content. Have you been using this feature?

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