Microsoft releases First League Program for its hardcore fans

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After many genuine gestures to its loyal fanbase, Microsoft is back with another awesome idea. This time, Microsoft enlisted some of its most devoted fans to provide valuable insight on how to improve its products. Microsoft’s consumer activism stems from its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program, where technical connoisseurs of the company act as dedicated evangelists of the Windows Insider Program.

What is the Microsoft First League Program?

It was back in the summer when Microsoft announced this fan appreciation program dedicated to hardcore fans of the brand. It wants to show them how much they honor their support, so if a fan’s application is approved, they can enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges as a member of Microsoft’s First League.

At the moment, the program is geographically limited and extends only to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Hungary and Greece. It is still unclear whether we should expect an expansion to other regions. The program is free to participate in and it seems like the only real caveat is to be located in the right country.

The first event of the program is scheduled in Poland for December 17. It is to feature new product announcements along with some related activities.

Here’s a complete look at the privileges Microsoft will be offering its fans:

Privileges of First League Program:

Direct Connection: Microsoft’s First League is a fan program created for you. It’s mananged directly by Microsoft employees. This means you will have first hand information regarding latest product news and exclusive Skype Calls with our Microsoft team.

Exclusive Device Preview and Testing: You will be amongst the first to test and review the latest Windows devices, including high-end PCs from Asus, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft.

Free Software: You will get a free Office 365 license for the duration of the Microsoft First League program.

Exclusive events: You will be invited to join exclusive fan event throughout the year, previewing all the latest Microsoft products and technologies in your home market.

Publicity + Status: You will get the appreciation you deserve. Because we will share your opinion and stories with other Microsoft fans. That’s why you will receive our official Facebook badge, showing everyone that you belong to Microsoft’s First League.

Professional Profit: You will be able to accelerate your career. Just like many participants of past programs that went on to build a career in IT or directly at Microsoft. We will provide you with all the support you need to get an even better understanding of Microsoft products.

You can more details on this program here.


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