Microsoft to fix Universal Windows Platform framerate limitations

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Microsoft recently added Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Rise of the Tomb Raider to the Windows 10 Store, actions in step with its plan to bring a wider array of popular games to Windows 10 users. While many fans were excited to see these popular games added to Windows Store, their experience with these Universal Windows Platform games quickly soured.

Framerate lock for Universal Windows Platform games to be fixed in near future

The leading issue with Universal Windows Platform games is Vsync, otherwise know as vertical synchronization. Vsync is designed to synchronize gameplay with your monitor’s refresh rate, thus preventing screen tearing. Unfortunately, many users have been experiencing issues with Vsync, often disabling this feature in order to achieve better performance.

According to dissatisfied users, Vsync is turned on by default for Universal Windows Platform games without the option to disable it. Worse yet, Vsync is locked at 30fps. Due to this limitation, games such as Gears of War stutter, becoming almost impossible to play. Vsync lock isn’t the only concern for the gaming community, as many are also pointing out the lack of support for Gsync and Freesync as one of the major flaws of this system.

Fortunately for suffering gamers, Microsoft was quick to acknowledge this issue. During the Game Developers Conference, Xbox product manager Jason Ronald stated that Microsoft is already working on this issue and that we should see it resolved later this year.

While there’s no information on when this issue might see a fix, we can speculate that it might be packaged in with the upcoming Redstone update or as a Windows Update patch. At the end of the day, Microsoft has swiftly acknowledged the issue and responded accordingly.


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