Microsoft launches Insider program for Flight Simulator game

by Matthew Adams
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  • Microsoft announced at E3 2019 that it will release a new Flight Simulator title for Windows and Xbox One gaming platforms.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was released on August 18th 2020 but games already have problems installing the game. 
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Update: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was released on August 18th 2020. Make sure you download it from the Microsoft Store and not from an untrusted source.

If you encounter any problem downloading, installing, or running the game, read our latest article to solve this problem.

Microsoft launched the Flight Simulator series during the 1980s but has not released a new installment for that franchise since 2006. Thus, it seemed that the software giant had forgotten about its FS series.

Not so, as Microsoft has recently announced at E3 2019 that it will release a new Flight Simulator title for both the Windows and Xbox One gaming platforms.

Furthermore, the big M has just established a Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program for the game.

Microsoft announced the new MS Flight Simulator with a video that includes actual footage from the upcoming game.

The video shows some amazing Flight Simulator visuals that are close to photo-realistic graphics.

So, that will probably mean players will need high specification desktops or laptops to play Flight Simulator.

The MFS trailer also includes destinations such as the Pyramids of Giza, Dubai, Space Needle in Seattle, and what looks like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

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Microsoft has also established a new MFS Insider Program website. There players can sign up for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program to try out the new game before the big M releases it.

Then members registered on the program can provide Microsoft’s development teams with some feedback for the game. The MFS insider program sign up page states:

Do you share our passion for flight? Are you interested in working directly with us to deliver the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator? The Insider Program is for you! Join your fellow aviation enthusiasts to get exclusive behind-the-scenes updates from developers and partners, gain access to preview builds, and advanced content updates before the general public.

The announcement of a new MS Flight Simulator game further highlights that Microsoft is still firmly committed to Windows gaming. Microsoft’s head of gaming, Mr. Spencer, stated:

I didn’t know if the PC community was going to be watching or not, but we went Flight Sim, we went Age, we went Wasteland… We want to make sure we’re building games and supporting games that the PC community… we want to respect what they love.

However, Microsoft’s Project Scarlett announcement at E3 2019 has overshadowed the new Flight Simulator video reveal.

Nevertheless, Flight Simulator will be back with a bang. Microsoft has not confirmed a release date for the new simulator as of yet.

Those who really can’t wait for the big M to release the game can register on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Program to play in-progress MFS releases before anybody else.