Windows 11 message in Microsoft Flight Simulator leads to mass confusion

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • An update message for Microsoft Flight Simulator caused confusion among users.
  • After updating the game from their Xbox consoles, players didn't know how to react.
  • This controversial update message said that Windows 11 was successfully downloaded.
  • In fact, the game downloaded the content necessary for the Windows 11 themed event. 
Microsoft Flight Simulator Windows 11

It would seem that Microsoft accidentally intertwined coding sources for their latest OS and some games they got out right now.

Either that or you can actually install Windows 11 through the Microsoft Flight Simulator game, but we’re petty sure that’s not the case.

Players that were prompted with this message were left speechless, not knowing exactly what their next step would be.

Microsoft Flight Simulator says Windows 11 has been installed

Recently, an Xbox user who updated the highly acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator game on his Xbox Series X was greeted with a strange message, one that he never expected.

Upon patching his game, the box containing information about already downloaded content displayed a peculiar sentence.

Even though some were actually thinking that the new operating system downloaded by accident into their new-gen consoles, a few gamers figured out what this was.

To be honest, the Redmond tech giant could have done a better job at creating the text for this prompt, thus avoiding all the confusion.

This unexpected download appears to be a promotion for Windows 11 that will appear within the game. If you remember, we’ve covered this topic a couple of days ago.

More exactly, until November 18th, there are 11 landmarks around the world that will be lit up in Windows Blue.

Creators won’t reveal what those landmarks are, so it sounds like it’s up to the community to find them. In addition, the EXTRA 330LT is getting a Windows 11 livery as part of this event.

So if you’re wondering why on Earth would the game download a full-on operating system that isn’t even made for consoles just downloaded on your gaming device, now you know.

Thus, in the words of every crime scene policeman in every game, There’s nothing here to see, folks.

Have you also come across this message while updating Microsoft Flight Simulator on your Xbox? Let us know in the comments section below.

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