Microsoft Flow brings Gmail support and custom API

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If you’re a user of Microsoft’s Office 365 service, you are probably familiar with Microsoft Flow. If that’s the case, you should be pleased to find out that Microsoft has announced a slew of new functionality for this service. Ultimately, the entire working experience will be improved thanks to these new features added to Flow. In addition to some new changes that people have been pleased to see, there is also a new preview which users have been hoping for, for quite some time now.

Gmail support

This has got to be one of the biggest additions to the platform without doubt. The benefits of having an email service like Gmail available and incorporated within Microsoft Flow are unquestionable. More than that, you will be able to manage your Gmail accounts directly from within Flow, so there won’t be any need for extensive back and forth between the two. From a strictly functional point of view, you will be able to work with labels and email triggers just like before, but now with Flow as well.

Custom API sharing

If your organization lacks a pertinent infrastructure for sharing APIs, you will be very pleased to find out that the new features introduced for Flow also include the ability of sharing custom API on an organization level.

Shared flows

This feature has been received with open arms as it has been on the wishlist of many users. To put it as simply as possible, you can now manage and manipulate flows alongside other users. Through a collective effort, you and other users now have access to the same capabilities for the same flow. This includes reading and deleting a flow, as well as updating it. It also means that history reading and debugging of a flow are made available in a collective manner as well as well as the ability of managing the flow’s connections. Next to “My Flows” is where you should be able to catch the new Team Flows feature, and you will be able to alternate between the two as the situation demands it.



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