Microsoft gives away millions of eBooks covering Windows 10, Office and Azure

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Microsoft’s annual giveaway is here and with it, the company is offering many guides for free. The high-quality titles cover nearly every Microsoft product or service  you can think of.

Millions of eBooks for free!

There are millions of eBooks for free and you can download as many as you like. You will be able to find them in a wide selection of formats including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and DOC.

All titles are sorted into a selection of categories including Cloud, Azure, Dynamics, General, Office, SQL Server, PowerShell, Surface, Windows Client, and Windows Server.

Titles offered to admins and developers

The eBook collection is given away via the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site, so it should not come as a surprise that many of them are aimed at system admins and developers. There is a huge variety of titles to choose from, so users should be able to find something of interest for them.

You can see all the free titles currently available on Microsoft’s blog page. You will also notice that something is different about this year’s post. In previous years, the eBooks sported covers and this year, the list is streamlined so that users will find it easier to get to the eBook they want.

The list is simple and is organized by the category. Download links are found in the Format column, so now users have the opportunity to choose which format they want to download.

Even if there are lots of titles listed on the page, you can download them all at once. Enjoy!



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