Microsoft Employees Reportedly Getting Free, White Xbox One Consoles

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Modding and gaming console customization companies have always had many personalization requests from Xbox and Play Station users. That’s because these gaming consoles get released almost always only in one color, obviously to lower production costs. You might get a chance to buy a differently colored Xbox or Play Station only if the Microsoft or Sony release a special edition unit.

Now, according to a Reddit user, it seems that Microsoft is rewarding its employees that are part of the Xbox team with a free, special edition white Xbox one gaming console.

Microsoft employees from Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division, which is also responsible for Xbox, will allegedly receive a free white Xbox One plus some other goodies, such as one year of Xbox Live, games, and a special achievement. They will get this on Xbox One’s launch day, which we yet don’t know.

Microsoft apparently gifts white Xbox One units to its employees

 white xbox one microsoft gift

To make this a really cool present, Microsoft will engrave the front of the white Xbox One units with an “I made this” message. From the current information, we expect the Xbox One to be released sometime during mid-November. Now that Microsoft is making white the special color for its employees, it’s highly unlikely that this will be the color chosen for a special edition of the Xbox One, if there will be one.

However, we can see from that picture that the Kinect accessory is not made white, why is that, we’re asking? Also, some of you might not like the idea of a white Xbox One that much, since, let’s face it, white isn’t that easy to keep clean all the time. Microsoft has recently revealed details about its Independent Developes @ Xbox program, which it hopes to help the company lure in indie developers from all over the world.

Also, the Redmond giant has closed the PC marketplace and has hired former Steam boss Jason Holtman. And now, with Ballmer leaving, does this mean that Microsoft wants to get back its “cool” factor?


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