Microsoft gets called out for their new BNPL feature

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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Affiliate Disclosure
  • Microsoft partners with ZIP to provide its users with the new BNPL feature.
  • The feature is, however, limited to users located in specified locations.
  • Users can now buy products without necessarily having all the cash on hand.
  • Repayments can be made in 4 installments within six months.
Microsoft Zip new payment option

In mid-November, Microsoft announced its new addition to Microsoft Edge. Currently, exclusive to Insider Builds of Edge, the feature was released to Edge 96 just recently. 

Microsoft now supports a Buy Now, Pay Later service that is offered by ZIP on Microsoft Edge. ZIP is well known for providing Buy Now, Pay Later services alongside its counterpart, Afterpay. 

This service works because shoppers get all the products they need, then make payments for them later in terms of installments over time. 

Microsoft and Zip have partnered, Edge users can now use the service to make purchases that range between $35-$1000 in the browser. On the bright side, it still works even if your site does not support it. 

Moreover, it is worth noting that the Buy Now, Pay Later services to come with restrictions and requirements. Users need to pay back the borrowed amount of money in 4 installments within six months. The partnership has been said to improve the application process, according to Microsoft. 

Availability of the feature 

To apply for this service, you will first need to sign in with the ZIP first every time. Users can link your Microsoft account with your ZIP account to access these services. 

Nevertheless, Microsoft did not indicate that this feature would only be available to users in certain regions. Based on the information available on the ZIP homepage, only users in the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia will access this feature. 

Functionality of the feature

BNPL is quite a helpful feature. Users can use the feature to get their hands on products they need immediately, mainly because money is no longer a limiting feature. 

You can get the products on a credit basis, then make the payments in installments as per the reimbursement terms. This is a better option compared to seeking assistance from money lenders. 

However, this service comes with its fair share of setbacks. The main one is the charges you get to incur whenever you make any payments. Others may also subject you to monthly accounting fees.

Moreover, you get penalties whenever you are not able to make the monthly installment payments. Ultimately this will negatively affect your credit score, limiting your borrowing power.


The reception of this new addition by Microsoft has not been well received. Many of the users have lodged complaints indicating that it was unnecessary. Microsoft has also received a lot of backlash because they did not disclose the $4 processing fee.

XDA Developers have pointed out that the feature is already available on Chrome extensions and Microsoft Edge. They also say that the move is in play to ensure that users make more purchases than they ordinarily do. 

What do you think about Microsoft Edge’s partnership with ZIP and the BNPL feature? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.