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by Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft launches GitHub Package Registry

Microsoft launched a new GitHub package for software developers. The new package is called GitHub Package Registry. It allows devs to publish and manage software packages written in various languages much easier.

Software packages are basically a bundle of scripts, code, and some useful resources. Developers use these software packages to embed a particular functionality in their applications.

They can use package managers to load modules and libraries into their projects. They don’t need to rewrite the code every time they need it and this speeds up the software development process.

The GitHub Package Registry allows developers to generate packages for different package managers including NPM, RubyGems, and Maven.

Simina Pasat, the product manager for GitHub stated that the Registry would soon support additional package managers. The company plans to list the organization or account packages in a new tab on GitHub interface.

The service offers extensive security features

The new GitHub Package Registry enables organizations and teams to internally test software packages before a public release.

They can also take advantage of the extensive security features offered by the service. Furthermore, the service facilitates the control of the project’s flow right from inception to the end. The whole process is done from the developers’ GitHub accounts.

GitHub’s product director, Bryan Clark stated that this feature was highly demanded by users. It forced the company to spend the past six months on this project.

The company is working on developing a commercial version for business users. This version will bring some additional features in terms of compliance and security.

Microsoft acquired GitHub in October last year. The company only released a limited beta version of GitHub Package Registry.

The tech giant is encouraging software developers to upload their code on the registry to help out others. Anyone can make changes to the packages to meet their specific requirements.


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