Despite Horrible Sales, MSFT Goes After iPad With New Surface Ad

John Nedelcu By: John Nedelcu
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surface rt vs ipad new microsoft ad

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Even though Microsoft’s stocks went down by a whopping 11 percent yesterday, the company still thinks that they can sell their Surface RT tablets and dethrone the mighty iPad. The newest Surface vs. iPad ad that Microsoft released goes back to the basics, showing off the features that make the Surface the better choice when it comes to mobile computing.

The last Microsoft ad we saw that took on the iPad was the one with the sports agents that were trying to sign on new players, and the Surface RT’s multitasking features allowed its user to make a faster decision. One might think that Microsoft is overcompensating with these ads, possibly trying to fix those horrible sales.

The Microsoft Surface RT vs. Apple iPad Ad is too direct


Microsoft published other similar ads, where they compared technical specs and always found their product to be superior, but in my personal opinion, it seems that they are trying too much. Apple is sitting quietly, selling iPads while Microsoft is acting like a little child who is trying to discredit his friend’s favorite superhero or toy.

Truth be told, this new Surface RT ad does not go on and on over tech specs or operating system features, but shows off the advantages of having a tablet that runs a half-baked Windows 8 version. On the outside, the ad shows the Surface RT’s stand which allows the user to mount the tablet and use both hands to operate it instead of actually having to hold it.

Also, the USB support is shown as well as the keyboard docking station. All of these features are said to make the Surface RT a better tablet than the popular iPad. And to top it off, at the end of the ad, the price difference between the two devices is shown, just to give users an idea of just how much they get with a lower price.

surface rt vs ipad new microsoft ad

Even with these extra features that the Surface RT has over the iPad, there are still many areas where Apple’s tablet blows the Surface out of the water. Even so, we have to give Microsoft credit for trying to make the Surface RT look its best, despite the fact that users and manufacturers are staying clear of it.

What do you think of the new Microsoft Surface RT vs. Apple iPad ad? Do you feel that Microsoft is pushing it too far?

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