Microsoft prepares its own version of OS X Handoff for Windows 10

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft is preparing some surprises for Windows 10 users to be unveiled at its BUILD 2016 conference. We already reported that the company told all its users that they’re going to ‘freak out’ when they see what it has prepared for them, and we now might have an inkling as to what’s going on.

As WinBeta reports, it’s possible that Microsoft will present a new Windows 10 feature which would enormously improve the system’s cross-platform compatibility. Namely, the new feature will allow users to start working on one device and continue on another powered by Windows 10 similar to how OS X’s Handoff feature functions. For example, if you started writing a document in Word on your Windows 10 PC and you had to leave your desk, you would be able to continue working on the same document on your Windows 10 Mobile phone or Windows 10 tablet. This feature wouldn’t be so mind-blowing if it were limited to Office only as we already have OneDrive integration for that, but what is great about this feature is that it should work with other Windows 10 apps, as well.

The possibilities are endless. If you started to write an email on your computer, you can continue on your Windows 10 Mobile. If you started to look at Maps on your laptop, you can pick up where you left off on your Windows 10 tablet. And “pick where you left off” is exactly one of the possible names for the feature. It is still unknown if Microsoft will give it that name or if it would be branded under Continuum. We’ll have to wait for Microsoft to reveal more details.

As we mentioned, this feature reminds us of Apple’s “OS X Handoff” which allows users to maintain their work states between iOS and OS X. There’s word going around the internet that OS X Handoff was actually Microsoft’s inspiration for creating this feature, but there’s no doubt that Microsoft wants its operating system to be more productive and functional than Apple’s, so maybe we’ll see some options that are not present in OS X Handoff.

The new feature will also be fully-compatible with Cortana as Microsoft’s virtual assistant will remind users that they have a project to finish when they leave an initial device.

Microsoft’s BUILD 2016 conference is tomorrow and since the company promised that it would present some new features during its first day, we hope that “Pick where you left off” — or whatever Microsoft decides to name it — will be among these features. As soon as we get more details, we’ll get you updated!

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