Screenshots of upcoming Microsoft Health UWP App have already leaked out

by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft is currently working on an UWP Health app that will incite people to take care more of their health. The tech giant has not offered many details about the upcoming app, but it actually does not have to. Screenshots of the new Health app have leaked out, so you can already see what the new interface will look like.

The UWP Health app is better organized, the menus and the features are more visible and overall the interface is more intuitive.

This leak comes after Microsoft released a major update for its Health app as well as for its Band 2.  The updates for Microsoft Health  allow your to connect to your friends who are using the app and compete against them in various health activities. You can challenge one another and see who burned the most calories, who is the push-up champion or who ran the furthest on a specific day.  You can use leaderboards to show your results to everybody and, at the same time, motivate yourself and your friends.
Don’t forget to set fitness goals with custom tracking when running, biking, golfing or working out. You can use the GPS to map your run or ride. If you need guidance, you can follow the Guided Workouts.

Another advantage with Microsoft Health is that you can stay connected with email, text, call alerts, and social updates while taking care of your body’s well-being. Exercise without worrying that you missed that important email you have been waiting for for three days.

Microsoft Health UWP app

It appears that Microsoft is now embracing the UWP apps. This is an important step towards improving the overall Windows experience and erase the barrier between devices. The most popular apps already comes in an  UWP version. For example, Skype is already an UWP app and has recently received important updates. Other third-party apps are also UWP compatible: Daily Mail’s “This is Money” brings you all the latest money news, advice and tips from Britain’s top websites, while Viber’s UWP app is in the works.

You can download the Microsoft Health app from the Microsoft Store.


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