Microsoft Installs Huge, Semi-functional 383-inch Surface 2 Tablet in London

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huge surface tablet londonWhen it comes to marketing, you don’t think of Microsoft straight away, basically because the company is know to have made a lot of branding flops and mostly sticks to bashing the competition. But this time Redmond’s marketing team has unleashed its creativity – Microsoft UK has installed a giant Microsoft Surface 2 tablet in London, in the middle of Trafalgar Square.

The tablet is a monster as it features a massive 383 inch (972 centimeters) display, is 27 feet (8.22 meters) wide and 17 feet (5.18 meters) tall. And it is not just an immovable structure that you just stare at. The device actually works, being semi-functional. Of course, since the keys are so huge, you will have to jump on the giant keys to control this giant Surface 2 tablet that Microsoft has installed.

Some passers-by have even used the Twitter app to tweet something and the Surface team has let kids play a spelling game. The giant tablet comes with a purple Type Cover 2, a fully working USB and micro HDMI ports. There is a smaller Surface 2 tablet somewhere “backstage” that is used to send the inputs to the big screen.

Clever marketing or dust in the wind?

There are Microsoft employees from the Surface team that are ready to provide information to all those who are stopping to look and maybe ask a few questions. This baby sure is sexy, but don’t think you can take it home with you. We must, agree, though, that placing a huge Surface working tablet in the middle of London is a slick promotion idea.

But, we must ask this – will this marketing ploy help Microsoft get more eyeballs and attention for its recently announced Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2?

via: TheVerge


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