Microsoft introduces Intune for Education to challenge Google’s Chromebook initiative

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft and Google are two of the biggest companies on the planet, and it’s nothing new for us to hear that they are competing against each other for market share and public recognition. The latest battlefield the two are competing on is the education system.

Fighting for education

If you’ve kept up with tech news recently, you probably know that Google is making progress in education with its Chromebook initiative. Google uses a combination of new Chromebook devices manufactured by the likes of Samsung and Asus along with Google’s proprietary software’s capability of running Android apps. These have given the Android developer the opportunity of biting into the education pie.

Microsoft now wants a slice of its own and is coming out with a new service called Intune for Education. This service would be connected to other Microsoft services such as Office 365 or SDS (School Data Sync) and would allow those handling the school’s IT department to set up networks between PCs and manage the permissions and settings for each individual machine.

New Microsoft PCs

Following Google’s lead, Microsoft couples software with physical tech and brings out a new line of inexpensive PCs. These would run Windows 10 and would offer the benefit for schools of not having to spend more than $200. The idea is simple, get cheap PCs that can handle school workloads and offer the benefits of Windows 10.

There are multiple new devices that have been announced courtesy of Microsoft, such as the Stream 11 Pro G3 from HP or HP ProBoook x360 11 Education Edition. The latter will cost you around $290 while the former just $190. The Intune for Education service will cost educators $30 per device that receives it, but after the initial installation tax it won’t require any additional payments.

It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds and if Microsoft is able to counter Google in its efforts of blanketing the education system. The latter already has a strong foothold in that market and it will be hard for Microsoft to budge it.


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