Microsoft’s IoT Plug and Play simplifies device integration

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Microsoft released IoT Plug and Play

Microsoft announced IoT Plug and Play at Build, back in May 2019. Now, the service is available in preview.

IoT Plug and Play will improve deploying IoT solutions 

IoT Plug and Play makes device integration simpler, by allowing developers to connect and interact with IoT devices using device capability models.

The service also allows device partners to build and certify products, as Microsoft highlights in their announcement

With today’s announcement, solution developers can start using Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub to build solutions that integrate seamlessly with IoT devices enabled with IoT Plug and Play. We have also launched a new Azure Certified for IoT portal, for device partners interested to streamline the device certification submission process and get devices into the Azure IoT device catalog quickly.

While IoT Central will help you easily connect, monitor, and manage your IoT devices and products, IoT Hub now supports RESTful digital twin APIs.

This allows developers to set proprieties for configuring settings.

IoT Plug and Play allows developers to integrate devices without the need of an embedded code

The IoT Plug and Play service involves many partner-certified devices that can work with any IoT solution. 

Furthermore, a new portal is available where device partners can define new products to be included in Azure Certified for IoT device catalog and specify any product details.

In the same portal, partners can certify their products.

Although IoT Plug and Play service is available only in the North Europe, Central US, and Japan East regions for now, Microsoft intends to make it available in more regions in the coming months.

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