Microsoft makes inserting emojis easier with a physical key

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • Two leaked photos of what appears to be a new Microsoft keyboard appeared online.
  • The new Bluetooth keyboard has a dedicated Emoji button.
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The new Microsoft keyboard features an Emoji button

The famous WalkingCat insider leaked two photos of what appears to be the new keyboard layout proposed by Microsoft.

The design resembles a Microsoft Surface keyboard but it features a separate number pad.

The new Microsoft keyboard has an Emoji button

At a first look, it’s just a sleek designed but usual keyboard but if you focus on the lower left part of the keyboard, you will see a key featuring a small square and a heart.

That is the same logo featured on the Windows 10X keyboard and several commenters assume that pressing that button will bring up an Emoji panel that will allow you to insert the symbols.

Microsoft emoji key

The same button appears in the latest iteration of Microsoft’s virtual keyboard presented after the release of Windows 10 Preview Build 20185.

Another interesting detail appears on the numeric keypad. On its upper left corner, there is a key with the calculator symbol that will obviously going to start the corresponding application in Windows.

Microsoft numpad with calculator key

A third interesting element from the new keyboard layout is the F1 key which features the possibility to switch between three options by using Fn key combinations.

F1 key toggle optionsUnfortunately, the writing is unintelligible but as the Bluetooth symbol it’s also present, we can assume that the button’s function is to toggle the connection between three different devices.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for Windows 10, we’ve got an excellent selection for you.

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