Microsoft Launcher v5.3 adds a new font and revamps widgets

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Microsoft launched the new beta update for Microsoft Launcher’s Android application. The update comes with redesigned weather and time widgets and enhanced compatibility with Microsoft To-Do features.

As far as we remember, Microsoft Launcher got plenty of features as a part of the 5.0 and 5.1 update. This time, Microsoft has not shared the ETA for the stable version of the release.

New Features for Microsoft Launcher for Android

The features recently added to the Microsoft Launcher for Android are:

  • A redesigned weather and time widget
  • New Home Screen, Dock and Search widget
  • Enhanced compatibility with Microsoft To-Do features
  • A new News interest “Technology” added to the News tab
  • Segoe UI to Roboto font type update
  • Settings beta community link now leads to Microsoft Tech Community
  • Access to work apps for the Work profile customers

Update shipped to beta testers

This update resolves an important unexpected issue for the users. Just before the update, the technology category was missing from the News tab.

The missing category was annoying for the users wanted to read the latest news in Microsoft Launcher. The issue has been resolved now with the News tab with support.

The update also brings Flagged Emails support and My Day from Microsoft To Do support in the Tasks card.

While the update has been officially announced, many Android users are reporting that it has not arrived on their test devices. If you’re looking to test the new features, keep in mind that the rollout seems to be a slower one and you may need to wait for a few days before you can download in on your device.

Right now, Microsoft is currently shipping the update to beta testers. If the features pass the beta testing phase, you can expect the update to be released soon.

You can try out this feature by joining the testing program for the unreleased version of the Microsoft Launcher app.

Additionally, the latest tweaks will be available as the update makes its way to the official app on Google Play.



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