Microsoft and LG are joining hands to bring foldable OLED displays

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After bendable and water-resistant technologies, LG has introduced another revolutionary invention that makes this generation even more technically evolved. The Economic Times of Korea report that LG has secured investors in their new foldable displays. The list includes renowned names like  Apple, Google, and Microsoft. LG’s first OLED or foldable displays will enter mass production in 2018.

The prototype of the product has already been released. Since the OLED is flexible in nature, it allows devices to expand like a book or map. Consequently, it is suitable for devices that are either smartphones, or work as both a tablet and a smartphone.

It is certain that production will be a resoundingly huge success. Given that, almost all the big names in the smartphone domain are a part of it. Ultimately the only one left out is Samsung, who will be facing gruesome challenges while achieving sales targets in the coming year. As certain reports have suggested, Samsung is in the process of releasing two foldable screen designs — namely their Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Future of the Surface line with foldable screens

Following tradition, Microsoft is also embracing the foldable screen idea, but not in their Surface phones as you might expect. Rather, the company is incorporating the new innovative dual-screen feature in their Surface tablets. However, Apple is rumored to be the first one, putting out its iPhone model with one in 2017.

You might be thinking: “Why does LG not implement the idea themselves rather than partnering with other companies?” — a rational question.Perhaps it is because  LG hasn’t been doing as well in the smartphone market as the other companies. As ET noted, Korea is ahead of China in their development of flexible displays because their yields are much better and products are of higher quality.

“Although level of their technologies is very low, Chinese manufacturers can be the first ones to mass-produce flexible panels by considering the fact that they can sell them at a cheap price to Chinese markets.” said a representative for an industry. “However we need to see if they can actually mass-produce products that will have hard time competing against other global products.”

“South Korean panel manufacturers have set goal of performance of their foldable panels significantly high.” said a different representative of an industry. “Because they achieved most of results that correspond to their goals, it will not be too long before they start mass-producing their products after going through little bit of supplementation.”

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