Microsoft contractors might also listen to Xbox One commands

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microsoft contractors listen to xbox users

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Recently, it has been revealed that Microsoft contractors are listening to users through Cortana and Skype Translator.

This piece of information created a lot of concerns in the Windows community.

Later on, Microsoft acknowledged that this is happening and then updated their privacy policies to be more clear about these practices.

Microsoft listened to voice recordings from Xbox

Now, some new leaks show that the tech giant also listened to Xbox users. The information was revealed by Joseph Cox on Twitter:

Microsoft contractors listened to Xbox users in their homes. Spoke to multiple contractors who worked with Xbox data, obtained documents describing how to classify Xbox data. Sometimes included recordings that had been accidentally triggered. Both a current and former Microsoft contractor said they heard audio related to Xbox that had apparently been triggered accidentally (although the amount did decrease as the system improved)

This is certainly worrying, but not that surprising because Xbox voice commands are made with Cortana.

Cortana will no longer be available on Xbox

Microsoft said that recordings are being reviewed by contractors to improve voice recognition and services.

The company plans to remove Cortana from the Xbox One console soon, but you’ll still be able to control it through either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

If you’re worried about your privacy, keep in mind that Microsoft has updated their privacy policies to explicitly state that audio is being reviewed by contractors.

The Redmond giant also made it clear that it will continue to do that.

What’s your take on contractors listening to voice commands on Xbox?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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