Microsoft’s mini Xbox for Project xCloud might costs only $60

by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft may be working on a mini Xbox for its Project xCloud with a super-cheap price tag of $60. Yes, it seems the rumors we heard about a year ago are still alive.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud was launched back in October 2018 with the vision to improve its console using the game-streaming technology. This facility intends to offer more options to gamers for how to play and where.

What’s great is, that it will reportedly play the same games as the Xbox Project Scarlett consoles at that price. In fact, you can play the games using Project xCloud on any device with no tussle of running them locally.

Well, if we go as per Brad Sams, the device has the potential to offer an improved streaming experience than its peers.

Possible Mini Xbox Design

Coming to its design, the mini Xbox would focus on connecting the Xbox controller to the TV effortlessly. At the same time, it would focus on offering the least possible processing power itself.

Apparently, it would take on some navigation around a 3D environment. But it will not take care of rendering, textures, and any other processor-based task specific to modern game playing.

Game Processing Details

For usual game streaming, the entire processing will be controlled by a computer sat or console placed in a server room. This is where you would be connecting to on the internet.

All you need to do is to simply enter the commands and it will be sent from your controller to the server. It will then just send the video output in return. The xCloud console will do some of the tasks and the rest is done by the server.

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So, the server would basically, control the basic movements like moving the game character around as you press the controller buttons. xCloud here would render all that is around you.

This gives you the advantage of playing on a local console with no setbacks between pressing the buttons and watching a movement on the screen.

There’s no official confirmation yet from Microsoft if the device would be launched alongside Xbox Scarlett. We are expecting more details to be leaked before its official launch.


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